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all thumbs (Tuesday June 3rd, 2003 - 01:40)

category: mmhuh?

it was pleasantly sunny again on saturday here in east london and i spent a fair bit of time sitting in the back garden, watching bugs and drawing oddly shaped people.

since friday night i’ve been trying to draw people. i’m not much of a drawer anyways, more a scribbler, but people have always caused me grief. i read a few tutorials on the web on saturday and kept at it, and sat through the formula 1 on sunday (well done kimi for coming in second!) crosslegged on the couch with my notepad in my lap and an eraser balanced on my knee.

the people are still pretty much failing me (need to get one of those wooden poseable maniquins i think) but i’ve made up some great bugs and hybrid animals.

i’ve also gone through a few photoshop tutorials to learn more about how paths work (useful things but i’ve always had a bit of a hit-and-miss thing going with them, until now that is!). added some faces to my experiments page.

a few more web projects are about to finish so i’m on the hunt for new clients…

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