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eating my greens (Friday May 30th, 2003 - 23:48)

category: mmhuh?

Molly and Armitage ate in silence, while Case sawed shakily at his steak, reducing it to uneaten bite-sized fragments, which he pushed around in the rich sauce, finally abandoning the whole thing.

“Jesus,” Molly said, her own plate empty, “gimme that. You know what this costs?” She took his plate. “They gotta raise a whole animal for years and then they kill it. This isn’t vat stuff.”
– from William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”

I’m no vegetarian, but I don’t eat meat very often. I had a (real) pet cow when I was a younger and I do think of her most times I eat beef. But I do like the taste of meat. I eat it rarely partly to save a few animals in my life time and partly to look forward to the times when I do eat meat.

The above quote I read a few nights ago and it made me wish to be vegetarian. Dammit, I know a lot of them are bred to milk and some of them might have fairly happy lives wandering around fields before they get cut up but still..

(ps. i got a little sunburnt today)

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