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william gibson (Friday May 23rd, 2003 - 01:10)

category: mmhuh?

currently reading william gibson’s ‘neuromancer’ — often thought of reading it but shied away due to some peoples’ overtly religious preachings and my lack of interest in sci-fi. i picked it up at a charity shop the other day for 30p since i’m trying to expand the genres i read and having already had a stab at crime (haha) and westerns, sci-fi was sure to crop up soon.

found all consuming earlier today so went back for another look an hour ago (great concept site which i’ve still only managed a glimpse at, maybe i’ll get more time tomorrow), clicked on some link and ended up somewhere else, found a mention of gibson and clicked off to his site and spent some time reading his brief (well written) biography and parts of his lengthy blog.. another site i’ll have to get back to sometime to read more of.

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