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20p movie (Friday May 23rd, 2003 - 15:50)

category: mmhuh?

an article from bbc news – Cinema Paradiso it ain’t – led me over to the same company that provides cheap european flights and car rental and internet access is now doing cheap films.

their website’s a little on the dodgy side with secure https links when they’re not necessary, and i don’t think all their film listings are in there because if you select a date next month there’s either one or no listings per day. errm.

whatever the case, i want to go!

addition at 16:15 : just had another look at the site and realised they’ve got a ‘security off’ button in the top right hand corner which stops it going through https all the time. i however fail to see the point of having a ‘security on’ feature for the whole site.. why not just on the booking section?

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