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so what did i do today? (Thursday May 22nd, 2003 - 21:55)

category: mmhuh?

the server i host with had a hard drive failure on saturday night and only today did i get full access to my account again.

reinstalled some candy talking from an old backup (didn’t realise mysql wasn’t being backed up on the server.. grr), upgraded it to phpbb 2.0.4, changed it’s colours around a little. nice to see people slowly returning to it.

put a few of my other sites back in to place.

built this little mememe section.

went to the corner store where i had the realisation that i’ve lived in this house a fairly long time now (almost a year and a half) because the guy told me to bring 8p back next time i come because he didn’t want to give me £4.92 in change.

drank lots of coffee.

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