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Lost the habit and What Cup? (Monday June 10th, 2002 - 23:11)

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Almost two months have flown by again and I must get back in to the habit of writing. I get a lot of time to think on the tubes but don’t get the chance to jot down ideas as much as I’d like to, and then when I do, no time to write the ideas up.

Bought myself a small size notepad on the weekend to combat the problem. Aiming to fill it up within 3 months.

niina kitten's notebook

This World Cup business is quite an experience. Over the Jubilee 4-day weekend I found myself watching it in the mornings or asking my flatmates the score. Since then, we’ve been listening to broadcasts at work and checking scores on the web.

Last Friday, of course, I took the extended lunch that most of England participated in to watch the match. The local pub was impenetrable so we settled for a large projection screen set up in the building for the various offices and despite the small crowd, they sure made a lot of noise (and I found myself ooh-ing and aah-ing despite my lack of football following). After the match, I spent a while grinning and walking about with a spring in my step.

Advertising is very one sided right now on tv and in press and it would be ideal for someone to come along with an absolute opposite to stand out from the crowd.

The tubes have been half empty in the morning with people staying in to watch the matches. No complaints from me.

And I’m not sure whether I should be proud or not but I now understand the offside rule thanks to my patient flatmates and half a dozen AA batteries.

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