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rambling along (Thursday March 14th, 2002 - 23:55)

category: mmhuh?

Coherent thoughts have been banished until some time in the future. You’re stuck with some more rambles (I’ve received complaints about my carrot ponderings but I won’t let that get me down!)

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

New job will now be starting on March 19.. I can’t wait!

While wasting time waiting for the Freeheat gig on March 7, I got a phone call asking if Platinum Skunk could play at short notice on Saturday, March 9. Manic phone calls that night and the next morning saw me waiting around in Notting Hill on Saturday, 5 minutes before sound check with the boys running late. Turned out I didn’t really need to panic as the sound engineer still needed to set up and everything was chilled.

Sound check had the guys hyped up and then we had to waste time before their set. Must admit I got jelly legs about 15 minutes before they were on – it was the first time I’d ever lined up a gig for someone, and it was also their first gig together – and despite the set going well my legs wobbled for about half an hour after.

But oooh it was great!!! I want to do it again soon!

Phone call today from Rich who has been doing ring arounds to some venues he sent demos to and they’ve been offered a headline slot at the start of May.

Website coming along soon… and we’re going to locate some more gigs.

So back to Freeheat last week Thursday.. great gig. Pity they got done in by the curfew! They’re off to Amsterdam this weekend and found out today the audio will be broadcast over the net…… but I’ll be off seeing the Parkinsons (and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Ikara Colt). Hmm.. there must be some way I can rig up my computer to start to record at a set time… hmmmm….

Here’s a pic Dara snapped of me just before Freeheat came on stage.. I don’t look too impressed:

Complaint sent to Sony regarding my unhappy computer and they responded asking me to completely reformat and rebuild (rather than just reformat the c: drive alone) so I spent a day backing up data and doing all that bollocks and a day later there have been no crashes. I can’t plug my digital video camera in but I’ll sort that out somehow. Guess I’ll wait and see what happens over the next month or so. Hmf.

I had an Asda story ready but I’ve forgotten it now due to the carrot complaints.

I had other stories but I’ve forgotten them now.

Damn those carrot complaints.

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