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f1, computers and boredom (Sunday March 3rd, 2002 - 14:00)

category: mmhuh?

Not quite sure how I managed it but stayed awake watching the formula 1 race from Melbourne which started at 3am this morning. A crash on the first corner (anyone have statistics on the number of first corner crashes in the last few years? there seem to have been plenty) which knocked out almost half the field. More cars failed throughout the race leaving 8 to finish with a rather odd combination of cars – a Minardi in 5th (and 7th), a Toyota in 6th in their first race, and a couple of Jaguars blended in amongst Ferrari, Williams and McLaren (surprising with new comer Raikkonen on podium for McLaren, and the less surprising Montoya for Williams).

So Raikkonen, Salo (and Toyota), Montoya and Webber all scored points, Villeneuve didn’t but that was predictable (plus I just like him cause he’s cute), and McNish was out in the first corner pile up. I’m no closer to deciding who to back this year .. I’ll give it a few more races.

My computer died on me again this weekend. I wasn’t able to access the hard drive at all in any way, shape or form. Second reformat in a month and a half, fourth since I bought the machine in about August 2001. It definitely is time for it to go back to the factory.

It has a habit of corrupting the c: so that it’s very difficult to access and the first time gobbled up half my emails, next few times just what I’d left hanging about on my desktop and various programs. This time (as with the last few) I’d avoided installing anything on c: and it had been running fine…. until a few days ago I decided to move all my mp3s across to the c: drive – what a waste of a 30 gig partition, I thought, if I can’t put anything on it. Big Mistake.

Grr. That also wouldn’t have occurred if Sony’s site bothered to acknowledge their first desktop PC a little more and provide information on how to re-partition the hard drive. They have instructions for their laptops, but not desktops – instructions are needed because of the fiddly recovery / reformatting system that has to be used on the machines.

I love Sony, I honestly do, but this is completely unacceptable for a PC.

Flatmate is away and I can’t get the ADSL to work so I’m writing in good old Notepad.

I finished reading Will Self’s How the Dead Live the other day.

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