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a mix bag (Friday March 1st, 2002 - 20:05)

category: mmhuh?

A few days ago in my local Asda (it’s like a second home) I had a peculiar case of dejavu.

I plodded about randomly standing in aisles wondering what I needed until one of these short ponders resulted in the realisation that I didn’t need anything else. I walked straight to the baskets only register, placed my basket on the ground at my feet, straightened myself up and felt a little dizzy.

There was one person being served at the register and in between us was a man. This man was a bit shorter than me, looked a little like a health freak, had short grey-ish hair and was wearing a Tommy Sport top. I realised I’d stood in the exact same place about a week before, with one person at the register and this Tommy Sport wearing guy in between us.

I don’t normally remember people stood in front of me in shopping lines quite so clearly, especially not enough to recognise them if I should see them some other time. I have no idea why I paid attention to him the first time, and recognised him the second.

I watched Wonder Boys last night. Only the second time round but I’d been meaning to watch it for a while. I might have to buy it.

And in natural flow on (for a change), Robert Downey Jr is about to start filming for the Singing Detective. Mmmmm!

I’ve got a job! Start on March 18. The people are great! I’m happy! All’s good! And there’s gym membership.. no more lazy sit ups a couple of times a week, coming soon : Superniina

Formula 1 season is commencing.. trying to figure out how to stay awake for qualifying tonight coverage of which doesn’t start til 1.30am. Oh well, atleast there aren’t too many races where it’s on at such inconvenient times (unlike in Australia when the majority of races were on at 3am on a Monday morning!).

I spent a couple of years working with Toyota in Australia on various web projects and my trip to Japan in 2000 involved Formula 1 so I’ve got my fingers crossed for them (the fact that they have Finn Mika Salo onboard is an added bonus). I really hope they do well in their first season.

Without Mika Häkkinen, I’m not sure who my favourite is this year. David Coulthard deserves a championship, Kimi Raikkonen’s a Finn so needs no more discussion, ditto Mika Salo, Montoya’s prooved to be rather stunning, Villeneuve .. hmm .. well he’s rather cute (am I that shallow?), and Webber’s in his rookie year and that odd adopted-Australian-ism within me will be hoping he does well.

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