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freeform ramble (Saturday February 16th, 2002 - 12:46)

category: mmhuh?

i don’t have anything really to write (do i ever?) so i’m rambling..

have been rebuilding amniisia so that it complies with xhtml standards and most of it now validates without errors.

the cam section doesn’t because of the javascript it uses so i need to fiddle with that [i should rebuild it in php shouldn’t i? oh yes. yes i should rebuild it in php] and the way the content’s coming out of my database for ‘thoughts’ and ‘words’ isn’t correct right now.. it validated nicely locally but the live version of php is quite old so whenever i build locally i then have to modify to make it work live.. grrr.. this sentence is going on for too long

but thinking about it now, at 12.35pm instead of 1.30am, i think i may have been complicating matters and didn’t need to be doing what i thought i did.. back to the drawing board (which should be smaller than i was just now dreading!)

listening to radio1 a couple of days ago they said that britain allows underage gambling. how peculiar. i had no idea.

freeheat gigs have been announced recently so i’m looking forward to the london gig on march 7th.. and going to a parkinsons gig on the 10th i think.

i’ve been eating porridge. i remember porridge every couple of years i guess and eat it a few times and then forget about it. i’m waiting to see how long this time lasts.

generally happy. things seem to be on the up. didn’t i tell you this would be a good year?

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