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some stole my sleep (Thursday February 7th, 2002 - 06:10)

category: mmhuh?

it’s 10 past 6, thursday morning.

since monday morning i’ve been getting out of bed at an average of 6am. i’ve been going to sleep between midnight and 2am. i’ve fallen out of sleep around the 4 or 5am mark.

this message makes little sense because i’ve not had my first sip of coffee yet.

on average i’ve been getting about 3.5 hours solid-ish sleep with an extra hour or two of wondering why i can’t fall asleep again.

give me my sleep back!! this is getting silly.

[added note at 6.16am – i just noticed the error in the title.. that should be “someone”.. my brain won’t kick in until a minimum of two cups of coffee have been consumed and the 8am mark passed or the greater of both]

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