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Roll on next year.. I’m ready for anything! (Tuesday December 25th, 2001 - 23:00)

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I went for a short walk tonight and as I stepped outside I thought of Finland. The air felt like Finland. Perhaps the lack of people driving around had cleared the air up, but it felt crisp, not overly cold, and smelled homely.

This year has been more grounding than previous ones.

Began the year being mugged, went through a merger at work, moved house, visited Sydney for a few weeks, left work, wandered about Antwerp and Cologne, and spent the last four months trawling about for work and eating soup.

Around late November I decided that 2002 will be a better year and I plan to kick and scream until it is. Since then, things have been coming together which are making 2002 look brighter and more exciting.

A week ago I started working again – casually, but with intent to get more work – and I’ve begun to look after a few musicians with the aim of lining up gigs and record deals over the next few months.

My intention to read 52 books this year fell a little short – I managed 43, cover to cover. If I added the half-books and all sorts of other books that I’ve skimmed through (music manuals, programming books, business start-up books) I think I’d have reached my goal. No mind, there’s always next year.

Gig wise..
It was good to see Freeheat ( play in London again in late November.. those guys rock!

Alabama 3 earlier in the year were awesome.

Camera Obscura at rota were incredibly sweet. Heard them on John Peel one night and a few weeks later got the chance to see them live. Definitely well worth it and I’m keeping an eye out for them next year.

I was taken to see Carter USM (well.. Who’s The Daddy Now).. Wow! Never expected to hear Carter USM songs live but I did, and the Astoria went manic. I couldn’t stop grinning.

And I got to see a mini-riot when The Parkinsons ( played at Cargo (security didn’t like their performance and literally threw them off stage.. grr!).

Roll on next year.. I’m ready for anything!

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