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i don’t cq (Sunday September 23rd, 2001 - 18:19)

category: mmhuh?

A few weeks ago I started collecting the random ICQ messages I receive. ICQ is a program that can be installed on a computer to allow you to chat to friends who also have the program installed. Strangers can find the details you provide and some, believing they have something in common with you, message you for a chat. Other people seem to send a message to a mass of people at once hoping that atleast one of them responds.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would respond to some of the messages I’ve received. Some of the messages are crude and infantile but I guess some people will request to be left alone, and no doubt the message sender will continue to bother them. I ignore these and rarely does the same person attempt to contact me again.

Don’t read these if you’re easily offended
I haven’t included their usernames/icq numbers, they deserve their own privacy
I’ve excluded those that simply say “Hi”..
[*** ***] means I’ve removed their name just incase it’s real
ICQ can be set up to not allow messages from strangers, but I get a laugh out of these now and then

September 7, 2001

(6:21 PM) hi nina you have a big tits mmmmmmmmmm

(8:53 PM) hi,,,
may ý kiss you :))

(9:35 PM) hi dear .
i am a national hockey player and want to friend ship with u but u required a request .please tell me witch request should be acceptable for u .human is a wise but when some one demand some that must be tell that is my demand .sorry for long comments
[**** *******]

(10:35 PM) hello. how are you doing? i am from tokyo japan but now in canada.

September 8, 2001

(1:41 AM) hi…do u love me?

(6:31 PM) hey there, u r going out anywhere tongiht?

(6:47 PM) i would like to lift your legs to my shoulder and enter my manhood in the opening between your legs..and slowly rock back and u the extreme joy u never experienced ..i will take u to a dimension of extreme pleasure and bliss…
do u wanna chat?

September 9, 2001

(4:13 PM) hý sorry but ýf you have any týme for me can we talk please?ý need to talk wýth some someone ý am very borýng PLEASE?

(4:57 PM) HiI Am Giving You a sincere Request Now Its Not For Time Pass YouAreGettingManyMessage From Many peoples And Definitely From Disguting PersonsToo they are really ubiquitous.I Think 99% Here For Timepassing I dont Want Only Chat Partner Because I Dont Need Time pass Friend From My Side I really Want Nice and CaringFriendWho Give MeCare Not PassTime WithMe EverAnd DontForgetMeAfter1ST chat .If You Want timepass dont reply me if udont then replyme.

(5:19 PM) hi, I’m [***] from Paris, just arrived in London, wanna chat?

(9:45 PM) hi i am [****] from Egypt- Hurghada are you like chat sex

(10:24 PM) hii
do u want sex with me

September 10, 2001

(2:55 AM) hi,are you lesbian?

(11:57 PM) elephant can fly
ocean can dry
would you say hi ??????????

September 11, 2001

(2:22 PM) do u can draw smile on your face?

September 12, 2001

(2:22 PM) hello how are you _??
do you wanna chat me_??

(2:56 PM) hello how r u wanna chat i hope u will not mind please reply

(4:52 PM) fuck you slut wanna talk

(6:47 PM) good afternoon
would you be intersted in a blind date ?

(11:57 PM) hi….sexy 20 yr old male from chat?

September 13, 2001

(1:38 AM) hi….do u wanna cyber sex?

(5:03 PM) hello: beautiful name. first i thought u r from india

(8:05 PM) good evning
i’m new in london can you please tell me where is nice singles bar is

(8:06 PM) i want to be ur slave

(8:06 PM) hý nýna
(8:06 PM) ým from turkey

(11:49 PM) who do you think responsible for distroying my country USA ?

September 14, 2001

(12:14 AM) OK I’m going to be pretty direct here – just reply if this appeals to you. I’m 6′ green eyes. I have my own company and like to work hard (and play hard). If you’re intelligent, can hold a decent conversation, have a personality, like going to the nice restaurants in town and nice clubs like Attica, Chinawhite etc. then get in touch!

(1:27 AM) hey babe
where in london u from?i
im in west london
love fun

September 15, 2001

(1:27 AM) hi there!
would u step on a bug for money ? 🙂

(2:29 AM) Hello. My name’s [*******] and I live in Greece. Do you want to share our photos so that you get to know each other?

(4:15 PM) hi ya fancy a chat? my names [*******] im 5,11, dark shortspikey messy hair,green love to chat

(4:29 PM) 24 m England

Looking for a nice friendly chat.

If u don’t mind showing your self pic or u have a web cam then message me back for a friendly chat I like to see who I am chatting to don’t be shy @–>->->

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