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what gets me out of bed at half 3 (Sunday September 16th, 2001 - 03:51)

category: mmhuh?

I can’t sleep. My sleeping patterns have been out of order the last few weeks so tonight I’ve been lying in bed trying to keep my eyes shut but thoughts of all sorts keep me awake.

At about 3.25am, eyes shut but mind still whirring, I hear the sound of a plane but it took me a few seconds to fully realise that I was hearing a plane flying over me. I opened my eyes and looked out the window and sure enough a plane was flying outside, disappearing out of view behind the Whiteleys building.

A few seconds later I sat bolt up right in bed.

A plane?

Flying low over London at 3.25am?

I don’t know where the flight paths are, and must say having lived variously under flight paths, I’ve grown accustomed to their noise and can’t even say whether or not on ordinary days planes fly over Bayswater. But I know for instance that in Sydney they close off airports at reasonable times.

Perhaps this plane was flying to a northern european country to land at dawn? But why would it be flying low over London then? Surely it should be high up in the sky, not audible from down here.

There’s a reasonable explanation I’m sure but I still jumped out of bed, turned on my computer and am checking a few of the news sites.

While writing this I hear another plane fly over me at 3.47am but I look out the window and I can’t see it.

A selfish thought : I don’t want to feel so damned insecure.

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