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doo wop (Monday September 4th, 2000 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

now and then my mind starts to sing.. and i don’t know what it’s singing and don’t even really realise it’s occurring.. but sometimes i realise and i sit there wondering what those words were.. why were they in my head..

tonight it was…

another day goes by me
another day of life without you
and as i look around me
i feel so lonely there’s noone
noone here beside me
noone here to help to see me through

took about five minutes to realise it was the mary chain..

i sit in a foreign country, now only occasionally noticing the accents talking at me, but noticing the strange looks reacting to my accent when i open my mouth.

i’m over my face contortions when people tell me something everyone knows and even when they explain it i remain confused and wrinkle browed.

i try to buy clothes but the clothes don’t want me.

i look for books but they tell me i’m not their type.

give it time i say.

they tell me goodluck.

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