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you forget about the challenge until.. (Saturday June 17th, 2000 - 00:00)

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A year on from my first solo packing-and-unpacking experience, I’m on to the second.

This time around I have to be cruel. All those train and bus tickets I’d neglected to throw away, business cards from coffee shops, music newspapers and magazines from 10 years ago, the 50 or so casettes and videos that I don’t even know the contents of.. most of them have to find their way out of my life.

I’m scrutinizing everything.. trying to decide on the value of selling but realising that the time involved would make it worthless. I don’t have much time. 2 weeks. And there’s still so much to do.

Flicking through a RollingStone magazine from April 1994.. my life line to the real world read sitting on a balcony watching shipping crates being unloaded in a country with two excrutiating seasons, the hot/dry and hot/wet.. I saw my name.

the new news

The last sentence makes me cringe.. but the sentiment is there.

I’ve been using the word “challenge” again recently.. “I need a new challenge” “I need to be challenged” “I want a challenging adventure”. The past few years I’ve allowed myself to forget my passion for moving forwards, to take up challenges.

I’m back on track now.. and this issue of RollingStone is saved.

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