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it must be sgt peppers on the stereo [d] (Wednesday September 8th, 1999 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

the oddest dream

multiple prior adventures but the memory starts..

a number of people seated around a hotel room. it’s a large room. dimly lit by a few stand alone lamps. strewn quilts. tv glowing without sound. a stereo playing. people talking, about half a dozen of them, the talking so loud that a person can stop and no one would notice.

it must be sgt peppers on the stereo. someone on a mobile phone is calling for quiet saying he’s got a beatle on the phone. another person (me?) leans towards the mobile phone and we’re listening to this beatle singing the songs we’d just been playing on the stereo (which I must have turned down).

as we’re listening, I look up for some reason and see this girl leap up from the bed (I leap up) and she runs on to the balcony and leaps backwards (no rail? or does she stand on the rail?). I scream, and see it happen in slow motion. I’m glued to the spot watching this scared girl falling backwards, down down down. we must be 8 stories up. she falls towards a railing on the edge of a concrete cliff. one leg falls between the two and she slides down and continues her fall, out of our sight.

I could see her face the whole time. terrified but not screaming. wondering why she was falling.

I was trying to understand why. she’d been sitting on the bed quite content. I think I knew her well.

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