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an unfortunate patriot (Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

In Australia, people rarely ask me where I’m from. I suppose I’ve managed to blend in well enough. I don’t have an accent, or if I do then it leans towards a Sydney slur such that is picked up overseas. I don’t have any outwardly eccentric qualities which would tie me to any particular country.

But should Finland be mentioned in the vicinities, then I’m sure to pipe up “I’m from Finland.”

My life’s major driving force is my heritage. Although somewhat ignorant to the current political situation in Finland, or the history and future, I have this sureness in my blood that I have Finland within me.

Someone photocopied me an article written by Philip MacCann called “Paradox in Paradise” about the experience of living in Finland from a foreign perspective – his insights in to the Finnish people. I felt homesick on reading the piece, and felt some sort of connection with the observations MacCann was describing – he was describing me.

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