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anti-sleep (Monday June 15th, 1998 - 00:00)

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I’m anti-sleep. I refuse to believe in it. But unfortunately it still believes in me.

It’s not like being anti-umbrella. You see, I am anti-umbrella.. But umbrella’s aren’t vital to life so it’s an easy belief to uphold. I don’t believe in the pain of having to carry an umbrella around just incase it rains. I don’t like to hold them on buses, dripping water on to my toes. I don’t like to dodge those awful radial spikes while walking along the street. And well, I like to feel the rain drench my body.

It’s sort of a religion I suppose. I don’t mind if others believe in umbrellas, but just because they do, doesn’t mean I should. Maybe I’ll start a trend.

But I was talking about sleep. Or lack of.

Just last weekend a taxi driver was explaining – at 4am in the morning to my very hazy mind – that he only sleeps two hours a night. Apparently that’s all he’s been doing for the last 50 years. Two hours was all that everyone needed. I asked him if he really believed it. He said Yes. He also failed to stay in his lane.

But I am anti-sleep – perhaps not in practice, but in theory.

There’s so much to be done. In this age of machines and information there is possibility in every hour, minute and second of every day of the year. There are food shops open 24 hours, you can phone bank at 3am, the traditional 9-5 work day is nearly dead, and the internet never shuts it’s doors.

I don’t want to sleep unless I’ve nought better to do. I don’t believe that sleep should force itself on me. What is sleep good for? It just wastes time.

It’s 10.40pm on a Monday night. Perhaps this is the worst possible point in the week to stress my belief in anti-sleep, but I’ve been reading a good book and I haven’t even read my e-mail yet. One task upon the other and I could quite easily keep busy until the sun comes up. Only problem being that when the sun rises, it’s time for me to jump in the shower, get dressed, and hop on an hour long bus ride to work. At work I need to keep my eyes open for about 10 hours, and then it’s another one hour bus ride home. I’ll surely get stuck reading books, writing e-mail, watching tv and having my one_meal_of_the_day yet again, that sun rise will arrive and I’ll not have had time to sleep.

Now some may say that it all comes down to discipline. I must allocate time for eat, sleep, work, and reading. But such catogorisation is useless. I can never stick to schedule. Things run over time or under time and unexpected opporunities arise. I’ll end up spending all my time planning, rather than doing.

So I’ll try to battle against sleep.

The less sleep I do, the more fun things I can get up to, and thus the happier I’ll be. A perfect equation!

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