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time (Saturday May 9th, 1998 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

I see myself stressed most days lately. I wake up throughout the night with ideas of other things I ought to be doing rather than sleeping. I feel guilty sitting on a bus if I’m not reading or writing or forcefully thinking. I have the want for more hands and heads and time.

Every moment wasted I curse upon, and then curse upon wasting the time it took to curse. I find myself envying those who only sleep a few hours a night. I find it hard to sit still for any length of time, or lie in bed without a thought in mind.

I’m caught in moral dilemmas. I believe in the concept of public transport and yet I wish for a car so that I could travel the direct route to where I wish to be and save myself time. I believe in rest and relaxation but I catch myself trying to do things every moment I have spare.

Time seems so limited, and all that I wish to achieve seems so much. Can I get it all done? I suppose one day, for atleast a brief instance, I will know that answer.

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