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the ease of war (Thursday February 19th, 1998 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

Perhaps I’m incredibly naive, but I don’t think war will do much except kill a lot of innocent people and patriotic soldiers.

Some may call me a pacifist, but I do understand that conflicts will always erupt at various levels – country vs country being the highest. I do realise that some sort of action needs to be taken to resolve conflict, but the cowardly pushing of buttons to launch weapons is hardly the solution.

If wars were still being fought with swords, where one soldier would feel the flesh of his so called enemy puncturing on his sword, then perhaps physical wars would be non-existant. I think people have come a long way since the Great Battles, and conscience has risen to the suffering of fellow man despite origin. But unfortunately technology has also advanced to make guns, fighter planes, and nuclear weapons. It’s too easy to kill these days.

I hope war does not break out in the Middle East. I can’t help thinking the world and its people will suffer greatly, physically and mentally, if it does.

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