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this time of year (Thursday December 25th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

Could I let Christmas go by this year without some form of commentary?

Gift-wise, I’m against Christmas. I don’t like that feeling of having to find ‘the perfect present’.. I don’t like knowing there’s a chance that the receiver won’t like what I’ve bought them. I prefer the random-time-of-year gift where I’m wandering through a store and notice something a friend might like and I buy it for them.. not like this forced Christmas buying thing.

I do appreciate the idea of families getting together.. but I suppose I’ve managed to have a pretty good run of Christmas’s compared to some that I’ve been told of. I find it nice having the family in a room over a good lunch/dinner/present-swapping and seeing everyone happy.

I like Christmas lights… But most other decorations I find hideous.

As a guy from work said the other day, people tend to get incredibly rude just before Christmas. At a time of goodwill and such, a lot of people rush through stores pushing and shoving to do their final bits of shopping.

I find it amusing, the day before Christmas, seeing so many men out in the stores looking utterly confused.

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