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pride (Saturday October 25th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

Today I built a book shelf. Well, not built, rather put_together_from_an_IKEA_book_shelf_package, but still, I am proud of it. I am enjoying the knowledge that if I am stuck alone one day, and I have the need for a book shelf (or perhaps a desk, or a bed) then I will be capable of putting one together.

Pride is a great thing. It makes you smile to yourself. It creates nice feelings on the inside.

The other night I was sitting with some friends having drinks. Two decided to buy each other bizarre cocktails just for fun. Over a couple of hours, we watched the two get increasingly drunk. A few of us suggested they buy no more drinks, and yet they continued. While one was at the bar, two complained about being drunk and said he didn’t want to drink anymore, and yet when the next drink was infront of him, he drunk it. Then, as two went to the bar to get more drinks, one complained about being too drunk. He said he couldn’t drink anymore and when suggested that he stop drinking he said that he couldn’t show two that he couldn’t drink anymore.

Pride is a bad thing. It makes you do things you know you shouldn’t.

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