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i will lose touch with the next generations (Thursday July 31st, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

The idea of having my own children is still in the distance but I’ve always believed that when I have children I will be close to them. Don’t most people like to think that?

I want to be a parent that understands. I want to be a parent that my son/daughter will be proud of, and they can say to their friends “Joey, this is my mum. You know that song, [insert_name_of_song_released_twenty_years_from_now], mum can play the bass line to that!” Most of all I don’t want to lose touch with their generation. I want to still be listening to the music (and playing the bass lines) and not sounding like an out-of-touch-motherly-geek when I talk to my children and their friends.

But I had the worst realisation the other night – I don’t know who the most read children’s authors are these days. I don’t even know which books are read by kids under ten apart from the Goosebumps series! I realised I’ve lost touch with the younger generation.

Sure, I can name todays drugs, their different varities, and tell you what the drugs can do. But if I’ve already lost touch with the under ten year olds, by the time I have my own children reaching their teenage years, will I have lost touch with that generation’s drugs and music?

Will I say to my child “Are you stoned?” to hear them reply “Get with it mum, I’m sailing on metalisium.” Sadly, yes.

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