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life (part 1..?) (Tuesday June 24th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

Since possessing the ability of ‘proper’ thought, I’ve always had something planned for the days ahead. For 13 years I knew that in the morning I’d be at school, handing in a late assignment and hoping for the best. Similarly, in the past 8 months I semi-happily woke up and went to work 5 days a week. Despite school/public holidays, there’s always been that ‘somewhere’ I’ve had to get to when the free-time came to an end.

But not anymore. I handed in my resignation two weeks ago, and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

The world, as they say, is my oyster, but I have no idea what to do with it. There are people who have their whole lives mapped out before them – from leaving school, through further education, knowledge of what company will employ them into which position, believing in marriage and a stable family, and owning a picture-perfect grave plot. Are we all meant to be that way? Or should we have faith in spontaneity?

For the next few months I think I’ll let spontaneity play a few games of ball, and then I’ll reassess my life.

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