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respect (Thursday May 29th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

I love to admire. I admire to love.

I create respect for people from the simplest words if they happen to trigger some kind of unusual emotion or thought in me. I enjoy respecting people. I wouldn’t say there’s one particular person I look up to, for I find it hard to believe that any single person is perfect. Well, not perfect in the way that many people use the word.

Perfection in my mind is only attainable through the eyes of others. For one to be perfect, the people around them must find the person to be such that for whatever mistakes they create (as there is no possibility of ever eradicating mistakes), they can be forgiven. For a person to be forgiveable by all means that they have an aura about them which rubs people the right way. But who cares for my sense of perfection?

I don’t even think I know of any people who my classification of perfect would apply to.

But I have a large number of people I respect. Some create art which makes me want to write, some sing such that I want to make my own music, some script movies which make me cry. Inspiration for respect comes from all sources. And from this respect I find inspiration for what I write/draw/think.

Life works in cycles. One man utters a line which I have heard. One day I will utter a line which he may hear.

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