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eighties (Saturday May 24th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

I like the 80s.. the music, the video clips, the tv shows and movies. The hair, the makeup, the words of the 80s.. why does it seem there isn’t such a feel to the 90s?

How is it that the 80s were so different? I watch the “classic hits” video-clips and, though finding some slightly amusing, most make me wish we still had such an image. The 80s was a time of discovery – video clips were getting story lines and bigger budgets, they discovered neon lights, strange visual effects, love/depression and an extraordinary sense of style. Their music sounded experimental rather than actually being experimental. The women looked beautiful, the men handsome. The lyrics were emotional, the vocals passionate. There was choreographed dancing!!

Perhaps in a decade we managed to discover too much and exhaust emotion, so now we are left with songs about objects and our surroundings with only the occasional lovey-dovey-weepy song. The 90s is about drugs, living to an even greater extreme, homo&bi-sexuality, slick hair, tight clothes. The 80s was about learning.

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