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is there a plumber in the house? (Saturday January 11th, 1997 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

While sitting at work the other night I had the chorus of a song called “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” running around my head. The reason those particular words were in my mind was that as I was leaving home it was the last video clip I saw on TV. The song is one of many that tend to grip inside my skull and bounce around endlessly if I’m not putting my mind into use (and at work that’s pretty easy to do).

So there I sat with the words “You spin me right round baby right round like a record .. etc .. ” summersaulting around within me when suddenly the guy sitting next to me launches vocally into the same song! I turned my head quickly to look at him, he gave me a goofy smile and kept on singing for a few more lines.

I stared blankly at my monitor in complete shock thinking “My brain has sprung a leak!” It seemed that through thinking those words so strongly, and on repeat for so long, they got bored and decided to jump out my ear and harrass the people around me.

I know that sometimes when I’m with good friends we will start the same sentence at the same time, or spot something simulatenously and try to point out to the other. Those instances are from familarity with the people that surround me and the way they think (which is probably why we are friends). But at work I was thinking of something completely unrelated to the situation we were in and the guy who started singing is someone I only occasionally say “Helo” to.

It was just strange.

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