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i could live forever in memories (Saturday November 30th, 1996 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

(Blabberings from about 9.30am, Saturday the 30th of November)

One of the nicest feelings is to feel the happiness, and the rememberance, of some weird ‘thing’ you did sometime in the past. To sit with someone and piece together the pieces of the memories – and see the light shine from the others’ eyes as he/she remembers a particularly amazing aspect – is great on a particularly late night. To sit back and laugh at some strange occurance in the past, that was forgotten from mind up until that moment, is bliss. Watching the memories unfold – especially in unison – and refeel the happiness of something strange is so very nice.

But try to explain to someone else, who wasn’t there – who wasn’t you – and you can’t help but contain something, that special-ist something, inside. Whether consciously or un, you can never quite re-tell a story to describe the feeling of it.

The past was an experience never to be re-felt except within the memories of the do-er… and that’s the great thing about good memories.

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