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cloud #47.1 [p] (Tuesday May 2nd, 1995 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

i sat on a cloud with a genius man
we sipped on some tea to which i had stirred
some sounds and some colours and floating devices
and he, as he sipped, began to tell me a story..
he told of the jungles in the amazon forest
and of climbing the sphinxes in the heat of old egypt
of his journeys in england of sweeping those chimneys
to flying ’round asia on carpets of magic
his travels of adventure, mystery, and more
as he told of his tales i too had been there
i could smell all the animals lurking behind
feel the harsh sand below my sore feet
see the black soot covering me to my head
and hear the wind pass as we flew with such speed
his descriptions weren’t spares
and detail just grew
and i floated with him
until we drank all the tea.

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