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so tired (Monday October 24th, 1994 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

I watched a man nodding off to sleep on the bus this afternoon. I wonder if he feels as tired as I do. Was he just physically tired? Or was he emotionally as well? He was a business man, dressed up as business men normally are, and he was nodding off to sleep. He wasn’t comfortable with falling asleep. You can tell that with people. On a bus or a train, sometimes people will just close their eyes and sleep, and that’s fine. They’re content with being asleep. But this man, while his eyes were shut, he keep jerking his head as if to wake himself up. That’s what I often do. I think “oh shit, i’m falling asleep” and so I jerk my head up and then manage to nod off again soon. It’s sad to see people emotionally tired as well as physically.. I wish people didn’t have to feel that.

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