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observing rain in papua new guinea, age 14 (Sunday October 24th, 1993 - 16:06)

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It’s raining the most beautiful rain outside I have ever seen.. I was outside before and the light was grey and the wind was blowing and the cold droplets of rain were splattering across my face and I welcomed it more than I’ve ever welcomed any rain in my life. I know now why some call it the “nectar of life” etc.. when it’s been so long when I’ve not seen any rain, it truelly seems a miricle when it arrives. I guess it’s now been raining about 15 minutes but it still contains the beauty of those first seconds of realisation. I don’t believe that this will be a memory to leave my mind quite quickly for it’s beauty shall stay with me reminding me of the exhilarating feeling I received that I’ve not had in so long. I wanted to write all this down in the words of poetry, but it seems that the words of poetry are not enough. I suppose the words I write now are even less important than had it been in poetry, but simply my words can not express anything in the form of sense as I feel this High overtake my soul. I shall have to be content with only this, but maybe later, as I lower myself from the High clouds above, I may write something of a tenth of what I feel now.

I feel sympathy for you* as you can not feel, hear, smell, nor see the beautiful rain. I wish my windows were not tinted so I could see it better. I may go on the balcony again to soak my face but I’m scared the rush of freedom will be too much and I shall want to plunge down the balcony with the rain so I can be encircled by it all. The only downer would be that I would die but I suppose dieing in the “nectar of life” would be rather interesting an experience to say the least. At the moment though I don’t think I’m ready to end my life.

* you = my computer

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